Kuchera: Xbox One Killing Used Games is a Good Thing

Over at the Penny Arcade Report, Ben Kuchera argues that the death of the used games market at the hands of the Xbox One will be a good thing:

This means that the market for console games is about to change, and the economics are going to get very interesting, very quickly. Removing the concept of buying a used game will lead to more sales for publishers, more control for Microsoft, but it could also lead to changes in how retail sells games, where the margins can be found in this business, and lower prices across the board. There is a whole lot of “ifs” in this scenario though, and it’s possible GameStop could leverage its clout to stop some or part of this, but I’d love to see how all this shakes out.

Many gamers will not tolerate having their resale rights completely stripped away, at least as long as new games continue to cost $60. If Ben is right and the death of used games results in “lower prices across the board,” gamers might get behind it (as they have with Steam), but if pricing stays the same this hardware-maker/publisher power grab seems likely to result in fewer sales.

Read the whole article and weigh in over at PAR: The Xbox One will kill used games and control second-hand sales, and that’s great news (Really!)

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