The List: Games That Use Online Passes

Here are games known to employ some form of “online pass” or other one-use code for in-game content that is only available to gamers that purchase new copies. Games with codes only available to preorders or codes for things like Xbox Live avatar clothing are not included on this list.

By default, the list below is sorted by release date. You can click on any column to sort by that column, or type in the search box above the table to filter the list.

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Game TitleSystemRelease DatePublisherLocked Content
God of War: AscensionPS32013-03-12Sonyonline multiplayer
God of War: Ascension: Collector's EditionPS32013-03-12Sony"future DLC content" & online multiplayer
Far Cry 3PS3, Xbox 3602012-12-04Ubisoftonline multiplayer
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyalePS3, PS Vita2012-11-20Sonyonline multiplayer
Mass Effect TrilogyPS3, Xbox 3602012-11-07Electronic Artsonline multiplayer
LittleBigPlanet KartingPS Vita2012-11-06Sonyonline multiplayer
WWE '13PS3, Xbox 3602012-10-30THQonline multiplayer
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 3602012-10-30Electronic Artsunlockable content in online game modes
Medal of Honor: WarfighterXbox 360, PS32012-10-23Electronic Artsonline multiplayer
Street Fighter X TekkenPS Vita2012-10-23Capcom12 extra fighters, alt. costumes for 38 core fighters
Assassin's Creed IIIPS3, Xbox 3602012-10-20Ubisoftonline multiplayer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013PS3, Xbox 3602012-09-25Konamionline multiplayer
LittleBigPlanet PS VitaPS Vita2012-09-25Sonyonline community features
FIFA 13PS3, Xbox 3602012-09-25EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Dead or Alive 5PS3, Xbox 3602012-09-25Tecmo Koeionline multiplayer
F1 2012PS3, Xbox 3602012-09-18Codemastersonline multiplayer, extra cars
NHL 13PS3, Xbox 3602012-09-11EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Tekken Tag Tournament 2PS3, Xbox 3602012-09-11Namco Bandaionline multiplayer (World Tekken Federation)
Madden NFL 13PS3, Xbox 3602012-08-28EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Darksiders IIPS3, Xbox 3602012-08-13THQ"The Crucible" game content
Darksiders II: Collector's EditionPS3, Xbox 3602012-08-13THQ"Argul's Tomb" single player content, "Shadow of Death" weapon / armor, digital soundtrack
NCAA Football 13PS3, Xbox 3602012-07-10EA Sportsonline multiplayer
DiRT ShowdownPS3, Xbox 3602012-06-12Codemastersonline multiplayer, extra cars
Resistance: Burning SkiesPS Vita2012-05-29Sonyonline multiplayer
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierPS3, Xbox 3602012-05-22Ubisoftonline multiplayer
StarhawkPS32012-05-08Sonyonline multiplayer
Prototype 2 (1st run)PS3, Xbox 3602012-04-24Activision"RADNET" - various extras & in-game events
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13PS3, Xbox 3602012-03-27EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Ninja Gaiden 3PS3, Xbox 3602012-03-20Tecmo Koeionline multiplayer
FIFA Street 2012PS3, Xbox 3602012-03-13EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Top Gun: Hard LockPS3, Xbox 3602012-03-13505 Gamesonline multiplayer
Unit 13PS Vita2012-03-08Sonyonline multiplayer (co-op)
MLB 12: The ShowPS3, PS Vita2012-03-06Sonyonline multiplayer
Mass Effect 3PS3, Xbox 3602012-03-06Electronic Artsonline multiplayer
Mortal Kombat: Komplete EditionPS3, Xbox 3602012-02-28Warner multiplayer
SSXPS3, Xbox 3602012-02-28EA Sportsunlockable content in online game modes
Hot Shots Golf: World InvitationalPS Vita2012-02-22Sonyonline multiplayer
Ridge Racer (1st run)PS Vita2012-02-22Namco Bandaifive cars, three courses, extra soundtrack songs
WipEout 2048PS Vita2012-02-15Sonyonline multiplayer, PS3 / Vita cross-play
Twisted MetalPS32012-02-14Sonyonline multiplayer
UFC Undisputed 3PS3, Xbox 3602012-02-14THQonline multiplayer
Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningPS3, Xbox 3602012-02-07Electronic Artsseven House of Valor faction quests
WWE '12PS3, Xbox 3602011-11-22THQonline multiplayer
Batman: Arkham CityPS3, Xbox 3602011-11-18Warner Bros.all Catwoman missions
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsPS3, Xbox 3602011-11-15Ubisoftonline multiplayer
Saints Row: The ThirdPS3, Xbox 3602011-11-15THQonline multiplayer
Need for Speed: The RunPS3, Xbox 3602011-11-15Electronic Artsonline multiplayer
Uncharted 3: Drake's DeceptionPS32011-11-01Sonyonline multiplayer
Battlefield 3PS3, Xbox 3602011-10-25Electronic Artsonline multiplayer
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OnePS32011-10-18Sonyonline multiplayer
Forza 4: Limited EditionXbox 3602011-10-11MicrosoftVIP Status, twenty extra cars, two extra tracks
RagePS3, Xbox 3602011-10-04Bethesda Softworksbonus content in sewers
FIFA 12PS3, Xbox 3602011-09-27EA Sportsonline multiplayer
F1 2011PS3, Xbox 3602011-09-20Codemastersonline multiplayer
NHL 12PS3, Xbox 3602011-09-13EA Sportsonline multiplayer
White Knight Chronicles IIPS32011-09-13Sonyonline multiplayer (co-op)
Halo Wars (Platinum Hits)Xbox 3602011-09-12Microsoft"Strategic Options Pack" & "Historical Battle Map Pack"
Resistance 3PS32011-09-06Sonyonline multiplayer
Warhammer 40,000: Space MarinePS3, Xbox 3602011-09-06THQonline multiplayer ranks & upgrades above level 5
Madden NFL 12PS3, Xbox 3602011-08-30EA Sportsonline multiplayer
NCAA Football 12PS3, Xbox 3602011-07-12EA Sportsonline multiplayer
F.E.A.R. 3 (a.k.a. F.3.A.R)PS3, Xbox 3602011-06-21Warner Bros.two online multiplayer modes
Alice: Madness ReturnsPS3, Xbox 3602011-06-14Electronic ArtsAmerican McGee's Alice
DiRT 3PS3, Xbox 3602011-05-24Codemastersonline multiplayer, five cars
Mortal KombatPS3, Xbox 3602011-04-19Warner multiplayer
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALsPS32011-04-19Sonyfour online game types, two weapons, various online maps
Patapon 3PSP2011-04-12Sonyonline multiplayer
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12PS3, Xbox 3602011-03-29EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Shift 2: UnleashedPS3, Xbox 3602011-03-29Electronic Artsonline multiplayer, in-game cash, xp boost
Crysis 2: Limited EditionPS3, Xbox 3602011-03-22Electronic ArtsRank 5 XP, SCAR skin, SCAR "Hologram Decoy" attachment, & platinum dog tags
HomefrontPS3, Xbox 3602011-03-15THQonline multiplayer ranks & upgrades above level 5
Dragon Age IIPS3, Xbox 3602011-03-08Electronic Arts"The Black Emporium" story & world content
Fight Night ChampionPS3, Xbox 3602011-03-01EA Sportsonline multiplayer
BulletstormPS3, Xbox 3602011-02-22Electronic Artsonline leaderboards, six maps
Dead Space 2PS3, Xbox 3602011-01-25Electronic Artsonline multiplayer
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletPS3, Xbox 3602010-11-16THQCaptain America Collection Pack
Need for Speed Hot PursuitPS3, Xbox 3602010-11-16Electronic Artsonline multiplayer, two cars
Call of Duty: Black Ops: Hardened & Prestige EditionsPS3, Xbox 3602010-11-09Activisionfour co-op maps
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011PS3, Xbox 3602010-10-26THQonline multiplayer, one character, two costumes
Fable IIIXbox 3602010-10-26Microsoftextra potions, hero outfit, tattoo set, dog outfit (details)
EA Sports MMAPS3, Xbox 3602010-10-19EA Sports(no longer supported) online multiplayer, online sharing, three fighters
Medal of HonorPS3, Xbox 3602010-10-12Electronic Arts"Objective Raid" & "Clean Sweep" game modes & maps
Borderlands: GotY Ed. (1st run)PS3, Xbox 3602010-10-122K Gamesfour new stories w/ respective world content (details, later printings included these on-disc)
FIFA 11PS3, Xbox 3602010-09-28EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Halo: Reach: Limited EditionXbox 3602010-09-14MicrosoftElite armor
Halo: Reach: Legendary EditionXbox 3602010-09-14MicrosoftElite armor, Spartan flaming helmet
NHL 11PS3, Xbox 3602010-09-07EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Madden NFL 11PS3, Xbox 3602010-08-10EA Sportsonline multiplayer
NCAA Football 11PS3, Xbox 3602010-07-13EA Sportsonline multiplayer
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11PS3, Xbox 3602010-06-08EA Sportsonline multiplayer
ModNation RacersPS3, PSP2010-05-25Sonyonline multiplayer
UFC Undisputed 2010PS3, Xbox 3602010-05-25THQonline multiplayer
Alan WakeXbox 3602010-05-18Microsoft"The Signal" story
Skate 3PS3, Xbox 3602010-05-11Electronic Artsonline user-generated content
Supreme Commander 2Xbox 3602010-03-16Square Enix"Map Pack 1"
Battlefield Bad Company 2PS3, Xbox 3602010-03-02Electronic Artssixteen online multiplayer maps
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3PS32010-02-26Sonyonline multiplayer
Mass Effect 2PS3, Xbox 3602010-01-26Electronic Arts"Cerberus Network" story & world content
The SaboteurPS3, Xbox 3602009-12-03Electronic Arts"The Midnight Show" mission (nudity!)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Hardened & Prestige EditionsPS3, Xbox 3602009-11-10ActivisionCall of Duty Classic
Dragon Age: OriginsPS3, Xbox 3602009-11-03Electronic Arts"The Stone Prisoner" story & world content
Forza 3Xbox 3602009-10-27Microsoftten extra cars, two extra tracks
Forza 3: Limited EditionXbox 3602009-10-27Microsoftfive extra cars (plus standard edition content)
Gears of War 2: GotY Ed.Xbox 3602009-09-01Microsoft"All Fronts Collection"
The Sims 3PS3, Xbox 3602009-06-02Electronic Artsonline "exchange"
Gears of War 2Xbox 3602008-11-07Microsoftfive multiplayer maps
Call of Duty 4: GotY Ed. (1st run)Xbox 3602008-04-01Activision"Variety Map Pack" - four multiplayer maps (included on disc in PS3 edition)

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